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Mega Pixel Network Camera Module

Product Preview

WTT-M444, Network Camera Module is designed for the
general CCTV manufacturers. If CCTV manufactures just hook up
with their existing mega pixel image sensor board and revise
connector board then they can easily make a new box and dome
type network camera products. For easy adaptation the size of
WTT-M444 is 42mm by 42mm. WTT-M444 provides all
functions for network camera such as video streaming
and bi-directional audio streaming, PTZ control, alarm out,
sensor in
IP Installer and Viewer Software are provided with WTT-M444
for the easy amendment, so a new product will be put out
very easily.

System Features

  • • ARM926EJ-STM SoC, up to 432MHz
  • • Linux based Software Architecture
  • • Dimension : 42mm(W) x 42mm(L) x 24mm(H)
  • • Weight : 24g
  • • 5V x 500mA Power Consumption

Network Function Features

  • • 10/100Base-T Ethernet Network Interface
  • • Support RTP/RTSP based Video streaming
  • • Interoperability with International Standard Network Protocols

Video and Audio Feature

  • • H.264 HP, MPEG4 SP, MJPEG International Standard based Video Codec
            Dual streaming support
            Triple Codec Support(H.264,MPEG4,MJPEG)
            H.264 MP stream encode up to 30fps@1080P
            MPEG4 SP dual sencode up to 30fps@1080P
            MJPEG SP up to 10fps@2560x1920
            Adjustable image size, quality, and frame rate
            VBR and CBR support
  • • G.711 International Standard based audio codec
            Full duplex 2-way audio support
            8kbps sampling

Other Features

  • • 1 Sensor Input, 1 Relay Output
  • • 1 UART Interface for RS485 or Image Sensor Control
  • • Pelco-D protocol Support for External Device Control
  • • Include EEPROM for Secure Camera Configuration
  • • On board PoE Magnetic and Interface for External PoE Circuits
  • • Proven Thermal and ESD Characteristics
  • • ROHS Compliant
  • • Easy Administration via Embedded Web Server
            Codec, network, Alarm, Event, User, PTZ, Time, Firmware Update, Reboot
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