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3M IP Camera Module

Product Preview

WTT-M490, IP Camera Module Assembly is designed for the
high end IP camera manufacturers. If IP camera manufactures
just revise connector board and hook up with WTT-M490 then
they can easily make a new true WDR 3M IP camera products.
WTT-M490 provides all functions for ip camera such as video
streaming and bi-directional audio streaming, PTZ control,
alarm out, sensor in. IP Installer, Viewer and Dewarping
Software are provided with WTT-M490 for the easy amendment,
so a new high end product will be put out very easily.

System Features

  • • ARM Cortex-A9TM 600MHz SoC based Hardware Architecture
  • • Linux based Software Architecture
  • • Dimension : 42mm(W) x 42mm(L) x 24mm(H)
  • • 12V x 280mA Power Consumption

Camera Module Features

  • • High quality image sensor
            1/ 2.8” 3M DOL-HDR CMOS progressive Scan Sensor
            automatic Gain, Exposure Control, White Balance
  • • Support various image resolutions
            2048x1536(3M), 1920x1080(Full HD), 1280x720(HD), 640x480(VGA)

Network Function Features

  • • Wire Network Interface
            IEEE802.3af PoE Wired Network Interface
  • • Support Video streaming
  • • Support Various Streaming Methods
            RTP based streaming, HTTP based streaming
  • • Interoperability with Standard Protocols
            RTP, RTSP, SDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DHCP, 802.1x
  • • Easy Administration via Embedded Web Server

Video and Audio Feature

  • • Standard based software video codec
            H.264 MP up to 60fps @ 2048x1536 in Normal, 30fps @ 2048x1536 in DOL
            H.265 MP up to 60fps @ 2048x1536 in Normal, 30fps @ 2048x1536 in DOL
            MJPEG BP up to 30fps @ 1920x1080
  • • G.711 Standard based software audio codec
            Full duplex 2-way audio

Image Processing Features

  • • DOL WDR(Digital Overlap Wide Dynamic Range)
  • • 2D/3D noise reduction
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